Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Details on New Star Trek Discovery Television series on CBS in 2017

Star Trek: Discovery

New details released on the Star Trek TV show, called Star Trek: Discovery on CBS in 2017. Information about the show reveals that the lead character will be a woman that is a lieutenant commander, before the Original Star Trek series takes place, featuring Captain Kirk and Spock.

This EW article points out that this isn't the first time that Star Trek has has a leading lady on the show. Star Trek Voyager, airing from 1995 to 2001 had a female captain -- Kathryn Janeway.

The writer-producer Bryan Fuller talks about the role of this female lieutenant will be diverse, and very likely African American. He says that he spoke to the first black woman in space, Mae Jemison, to gain inspiration for casting this lead character in the new Star Trek: Discovery television series on CBS in 2017.

The COO of CBS expects Star Trek: Discovery in 2017 to get at least 15 million viewers for the television premiere event.

Star Trek Discovery Television Series to be Diverse in Many Ways

What will make this character interesting is that she is not the Captain, so she will have a different perspective than previous Star Trek television series.

In addition to this, Fuller has made it very clear that "absolutely we're having a gay character," noting that Bryan Fuller himself is openly gay. There will also be robots.

Whoopi Goldberg has gone on record to say that she would love to bring her Star Trek: The Next Generation character, Guinan, to the new Star Trek: Discovery television series.

Fun Fact: The new Star Trek television series will take place approximately 10 years before Captain Kirk's notable five-year mission.

Editor's note: One of my personal favorite Star Trek series was Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, featuring Captain Benjamin Sisco. I really enjoyed watching this series. Share in the comments section your favorite Star Trek series and why.

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