Saturday, July 30, 2016

Nintendo NX Rumors Not Favorable Among Video Game Enthusiasts

Depiction of Nintendo NX, according to rumors

The Nintendo NX is making headlines in video gaming news, with rumors and speculation around their new mobile console. The problem is, most people view the new Nintendo NX - judging by the rumors and pictures - that it will be essentially the same as the WiiU. The biggest of this news, which many people think negatively about, is that Nintendo is moving back to video game cartridges.

This TechInsider article calls the Nintendo WiiU a "tremendous flop" - which you can see below in the picture detailing video game hardware sales. The WiiU had only sold 10.73 million units through September 2015.

Published Sept. 2015

The Nintendo NX sounds very much like the Failing WiiU

The Nintendo NX is described by Eurogamer sources as a powerful, portable video game console with its own display screen and detachable controllers on both sides. As mentioned above, it will run on cartridges, rather than mini discs. It is supposed to have NVIDIA Tegra graphics, and have a docking station that allows it to be projected into a larger screen. However, it will be marketed as allowing you to take your video games on the go.

Does any of this sound different from the failing the WiiU yet?

WiiU Perception may impact Nintendo NX

One of the biggest problems among video game enthusiasts, is that they perceive that there are not enough big title games on the WiiU. The perception is that Nintendo titles are somewhat limited. Nintendo seems to have taken their own path in the video game industry, and while Xbox and Playstation release similar titles that crossover both consoles, Nintendo does not do this. Nintendo creates their own brand of games, but has trouble convincing serious gamers to buy their console. This perception has hurt Nintendo with recent consoles. However, Nintendo has found much success with releasing the Pokemon Go app on iPhone and smartphones.

Editorial Note: I do not own a WiiU, nor have I played any video games on the WiiU. I have owned and played games on the NES, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, and Gamecube console gaming systems. I have played video games on the Wii, but have not owned one.

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