Thursday, May 28, 2015

Infinite Crisis is the DC Comics MOBA Video Game

DC MOBA Infinite Crisis online video game

Infinite Crisis is an awesome DC Comics Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game!

This is a refreshing version of the popular and growing MOBA video game genre. You can play all of your favorite characters: Superman, Batman, Aquaman, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Hawkgirl, Catwoman, Joker, Harley Quinn, Flash, and many more characters.

I really like play with Aquaman, Superman, and Robin as my favorite three, but I honestly like playing other characters as well.

Play just for Fun, or Competitive Ranked Play

You can play just for fun and learn how to get better. If you want to play even more competitive matches, then ranked play is available for people that wish to have a ranking. This is completely up to you. The larger size of your group when in the queue could translate to a longer wait time, because it will pit you up against another party of that size, plus the remaining characters needed to get a 5v5 match going.

More Players Open Up More Maps in the Queue

In Infinite Crisis, there are several maps available, but due to the low player base (being a relatively new game), only 1 is available in the game queue. The one currently on constant play is Coast City.

The best strategy on Coast City is to constantly be running for the relays, because relays upgrade your robot army to elite fighters to help take down the turrets. The ultimate goal is to destroy the opponents base, and you need to get rid of the turrets on at least 1 side to do this.

Coast City is a fun map, but it would be nice when the player base grows to play the other map, which is Gotham Heights.

Coast City map in Infinite Crisis

There are also special themed events and scenarios that become available for a limited time, such as 2v2 events, and new playable characters are unlocked and become available as the game developers release them.

Level your Hero in Infinite Crisis and Increase the Stats

Like any MOBA video game, your character levels up, and as your character levels, he or she grows in stats, each character with both passive and active abilities. If you die a lot to the other team, this is called "feeding." You don't want to be careless and feed the other team with easy kills. This will give them an unfair advantage early in the game. That is why you want to heal your character by going back to the base as often as needed. You can quickly get back to your base by pressing the "b" key on your keyboard.

For those of you that already play Infinite Crisis, there is a fan page on Facebook that you will want to check out.

If this sounds like a fun video game to play, use my referral link here to join and start playing this free-to-play game.

One great feature about this MOBA game is that the free characters available to play rotate, allowing you to try out other characters before you choose to purchase them with merit you earn by playing the game.

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