Sunday, December 28, 2014

If Air Jordan 11 "Legend Blue" Shoes Sold Out in Stores, Where Can I Buy Them?

Legend Blue Air Jordan 11
Air Jordan 11 "Legend Blue"
The Air Jordan 11 "Legend Blue" shoes were officially released on December 20, 2014.  They are sold at for $200.00 USD, but they are sold out on the website.

Where can I buy Air Jordan 11 "Legend Blue" shoes?

This has left many Air Jordan aficionados asking, "Where can I buy these shoes?" This is a fair question to ask, but keep in mind the dangers of buying such a coveted item.

Dangers of Buying Air Jordan 11 "Legend Blue":

  • You may be a target for shoe theft, or being mugged for your shoes.  
  • You may get swindled into buying knock offs if you buy them online from fake sellers on eBay.
  • You could be buying from an untrusted seller if you Google the search phrase: Where can I buy Air Jordan 11 "Legend Blue"

Air Jordan 11 Legend Blue at store
Air Jordan 11 "Legend Blue" sold out at

Air Jordan 11 "Legend Blue" are in High Demand - Where can I buy them?

Because of the short supply and high demand of the Air Jordan 11 "Legend Blue" shoes, they are selling on eBay, and Kixify from various people and vendors for an average price of $335.00 (not including the shipping fees).

This is because they are sold out from and now individuals can price them much higher.

The release of these shoes were so anticipated that tickets were issued at participating retailers selling the Air Jordan 11 "Legend Blue".  Instead of asking "Where can I buy them?" - perhaps you should also be informed that there are knock offs being sold under the premise that these are the Air Jordan 11 "Legend Blue" shoes, when they are in fact, not.  This is a real danger of buying shoes that have sold out in stores.

If you buy Air Jordan 11 "Legend Blue" shoes, how can you be sure they are the real thing?

  1. Make sure the seller includes the receipt.
  2. Study the shoes on, and make sure they look exactly like the real shoe

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