Saturday, July 19, 2014

Two Secrets to Getting 1.5 Million Organic Page Views on Google Plus

1.5 Million Google Plus page views
1.5 Million Google Plus Page Views
What are the two big secrets to getting 1.5 million organic page views on Google Plus?

The first secret is original content...not just re-posting articles and stories that interest you.

My Google+ profile has passed 1.5 million organic page views. with the majority of posts on my profile are blog posts from Z. Love's Entertainment Blog and Stop Email Phishing Scams.

Original Content is important to Google Plus and Google Search

People want to read original content. Re-posting articles and content makes that content popular, but you need original content added to Google Plus as well.

Hashtags are important to Twitter, but now also on Facebook and Google Plus

The second secret is to add hashtags to every post on Google Plus. You can add up to three hashtags per post on Google Plus. Focus on the most popular and most searched for words in the post. Hashtags started out as a way to contribute to a conversation on Twitter, but the use of hashtags has now also grown to social media sites Facebook and Google+, too.

These 1.5 million organic page views on Google Plus were not from back-links, special marketing tricks, or special SEO other than what I have already described to you. Secret #1: Post original content regularly. Secret #2: Add hashtags to every post. 

If you want Google+ to give you lots of page views, you must learn to incorporate the about two secrets to every post.

Another tips is to always write something in the description of a Google+ post. These words come up in search engine results, and help your posts and content to be found in internet searches, particularly when a Google search is performed.

Both the description of the blog post and the description that you typed on Google+ will show up in a Google search containing certain key words.

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