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YouTube Video Trolling Explained

YouTube Trolling (Image: Flickr CC; by Cali4Beach)

What is Video Trolling on YouTube?

Trolling in the YouTube world is where someone creates a video and some part of the content is designed to get a reaction from viewers. This reaction has been termed "trolling". More likely than not, the reaction is expected to be negative among viewers, and might offend some people. In this context, the whole purpose for a YouTube video to engage in trolling is to create some type of controversy with the end result being more viewers to come across their YouTube video.

YouTubers are Guilty of Video Trolling

People that post videos regularly and get a lot of views are called "YouTubers". Among YouTubers, people that engage in trolling for video views are looked upon like they will sell out just to get some more views. However, many YouTubers will do whatever they need to do to get video views. Professional YouTubers advise newcomers to create high quality content for their YouTube Channel, and then trolling is not necessary.

TheFineBros show various YouTubers a video clip of Boxxy (at this URL), and they comment on her personality. In the Q&A section following the video, The Fine Bros. ask YouTubers if Boxxy was trolling, and they say "yes". The Fine Bros. explain to YouTubers that Boxxy is a made up character with the intent to get views by upsetting some viewers.

Some of the YouTubers believe that in 2009, that there wasn't as much content on YouTube, and that Boxxy was just trying to get some views by creating this video. Some people have even called Boxxy the "Queen of the Internet" even if she was creating a trolling type of YouTube video.

Trolling also Happens in Journalism

Ann Coulter called soccer a "liberal conspiracy" and a sign of the "moral decline of the U.S." on her website, while the World Cup was taking place in 2014. This is a prime example of when a person attempts to use extreme terms to make a point, and hopefully be so outrageous in her wording, that people get offended.

I know that some people were offended by her outrageous stance on soccer, but it is also pretty obvious that she is using extreme terms to make her point. In my opinion, this is just bad journalism. But that is probably why her soccer hating article is on her "column" which is on her personal website. I doubt any legitimate publication would publish an article like this.

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Paul L said...

Coulter has made a career out of saying outrageous things. I actually have begun to question her conservativism... Her comments on soccer seem to me to be really aimed at "multi-culturalism," but I don't think Coulter has even realized that the heyday of multiculturalism has come and gone. The American quilt has been stitched back to together and is again connected by a unitary culture. In fact, American culture has adopted soccer just as it adopted baseball (or cricket as it was in earlier incarnations) and has adopted other sports (say, La-cross) and ideas and cultural idioms -- making them part of American language and society. The tell-tale signs: "soccer moms" idiom politically is used by both conservative and liberal, and the fact parents assiduously attend games of their kids playing soccer, and coach Little Leagues (etc.), these days in America. The community acceptance of soccer shows the vitality of American culture that accepts new practices and incorporates them into the traditions and ways of the U.S. culture at large. Commentators like Coulter are actually behind the times (as it is easy to be as a 20/20 hindsight commentator) and think the U.S. culture is far more fragmented than it truly is. Postmodernism is past.

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