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Why did Lebron James Wear a Black Face Mask?

Why does Lebron James wear a face mask?
Lebron James wearing a black face mask against New York Knicks

Q1: Why did Lebron James wear a mask?
Q2: Why does Lebron James wear a black face mask?

A1: Lebron James wore a face mask so he could protect his broken nose.
A2: Lebron James wears a black face mask to protect his broken nose.

Lebron James broke his nose in the game Miami played against Oklahoma City Thunder. Miami beat them 103-81 on the road.

Q: Who broke Lebron James' nose?

A: Serge Ibaka broke Lebron James nose when Lebron went up to dunk the basketball in the Miami Heat vs.Oklahoma Thunder game.

Lebron James Must Wear a Mask to Play Basketball

Because of the broken nose, Lebron James was not able to play in the Miami road game against the Chicago Bulls on Monday, February 24, 2014. In order for him to resume playing basketball, he would have to wear a mask to protect his broken nose from further injury.

Then, Lebron James tried wearing a mask during basketball practice and said it was "uncomfortable" - this is to be expected. Many basketball players that have to start wearing masks or goggles have to adjust their game play to get comfortable with the new protective gear. Other examples: Amare Stoudamire, Kobe Bryant, and Richard Hamilton.

However, this isn't the first mask for Lebron James. In 2005, Lebron James had to wear a mask when playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers. This is because of a broken cheek bone.

Lebron James Looks like a Superhero in his Black Face Mask

Lebron James joked that he wants to wear a black face mask like the villain Bane in the latest Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises (2012).

Lebron James said: "I've been talking to Marvel Comics for the last couple of days, and DC Comics, to try and come up with one of the greatest masks of all we'll see what happens."

With Lebron James new black face mask, he helped the Miami Heat beat the New York Knicks 108-82 on Thursday, February 27, 2014.

Lebron James Decides to Wear a Mask to Protect his Identity and Play Basketball

So now do you understand why Lebron James must "wear a face mask" to protect his true identity on the basketball court?

It is really to protect his nose, but there isn't anything wrong to look good while working on the basketball court.

Chris Bosh wears Lebron's black mask
Chris Bosh poses in Lebron's black face mask, saying "I'm Batman" (Instagram)
Update 03-01-14: Lebron James is no longer allowed to wear his custom black mask, according to a USA Today article. The NBA has decreed that Lebron James must put away his custom black mask and wear a league-approved mask. Lebron James will comply before Saturday night's game against the Orlando Magic.

custom black mask of Lebron James
Lebron James black mask collage posted to Instagram

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