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Andrea Killed by Zombie in the Walking Dead Season 3 Finale

The Walking Dead; Andrea

The Walking Dead Season 3 finale ended with a bang. 


Andrea was killed off in the Walking Dead Season 3 finale, which has been one of the biggest liberties taken by the TV show that may have a backlash from fans of the original graphic novels written by Robert Kirkman. She's done been eaten.

Andrea was played by actress Laurie Holden. 

Sadly, Andrea on the Walking Dead is dead, and she is not coming back, unless she comes back as a zombie. Don't expect to see her in Season 4 of the show.

Maybe Andrea’s fate could have been avoided. After all, in the comic book, she had a relationship with character Rick (played by Andrew Lincoln). But that will not be played out on the television show because she is dead, and it is The Governor’s fault. He is the one that stabbed Milton. He is the one that unleashed zombified Milton on Andrea. Poor Andrea. She had nothing against Woodbury or the Governor.

Unfortunately for Andrea, she allowed the Governor to escape, and as irony has it, he is the one who is responsible for her death. Life isn’t fair sometimes. Especially on zombie apocalypse television shows.

Some critics of the Walking Dead believe the show is out of imagination and the story lacks creativity.

On top of that, the Governor seems to be running around, taking out good people, while Rick is left with a crew that keeps losing people, not counting the new Woodbury folks that are comprised of old people and children. Should Rick really consider keeping this vulnerable crowd at the prison?

Robert Kirkman says this about the Walking Dead to “There’s definitely some improvements to be made on how we did things in Season 3, but I don’t necessarily regret anything because it’s all part of learning and moving forward and trying to make the best show possible.”
He also says: “Moving through the story quickly is something that is essential to this show. You want to keep viewers on their feet. You want to keep telling as much story as possible in each episode and keep the story moving forward at a quick pace. I think that’s what the audience wants and that’s something that will continue into Season 4. I think we’ve perfected things a little bit more. The show is a learning process to a certain extent because it’s such a different kind of television show.”

The biggest head scratcher to date is killing off Laurie Holden’s character, Andrea, without exploring her relationships with Rick or Dale.

Will the Walking Dead lose viewers because of this?

Only time will tell.

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