Thursday, June 14, 2012

Top 10 Ways to Identify if a Celebrity is in it for the Money

Chuck Norris standing next to Chug Norris in World of Warcraft
 Top 10 Ways to Identify If a Celebrity is in it for the Money:
1) The celebrity will be the Spokesman for World of Warcraft, despite not knowing what World of Warcraft is. Chuck Norris & Mr. T

2) The celebrity stamps her approval on fitness machines that don’t work. Suzanne Somers & Tony Little

3) The celebrity promotes cleanses and diets that don’t work. Suzanne Somers & Ashton Kutcher

4) The celebrity will do Zaxby’s commercials. Kathy Griffin, Jerry Rice, Rachel Dratch

5) The celebrity is for breaking the final installment up into two parts. Harry Potter & Twilight

6) The celebrity will do private concerts for wealthy 16 year olds at their birthday parties. 50 Cent

7) The celebrity starts his own energy drink or cologne. 50 Cent & Justin Bieber

8) The celebrity makes a movie to sell a toy or board game for an influential corporation. G.I. Joe & Battleship

9) The celebrity is for making a movie for the sole reason to sell a trilogy box set. Transformers & Men in Black

10) The celebrity will do an iPhone commercial. Samuel L. Jackson & John Malkovich

Battleship Movie created from board game

If you find yourself doing things that you wouldn't normally do in exchange for a paycheck, then you qualify to be "in it for the money."

Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with being an actor in Hollywood, and wanting to get a paycheck. The problem is when a person is willing to endorse things that they haven't tried, wouldn't ever use, and are only doing it for the paycheck.

Would Justin Bieber wear his own perfume line?  Of course not.

Someone probably walked up to him and said, "Hey Justin, I know how we can make a ton of money off of a bunch of your female teenage fans." and he was probably like, "I'm all in. Make me some dough!"

That would be an example of doing something just for the money.

Now 50 Cent was recently interviewed by Oprah, and said how his energy drink Street King has allowed him to go to Africa and take on a cause such as ending world hunger. His initial motive may have not been to do this charity, but now he is able to take on this cause, which is a noble move.

The movie Battleship probably should have never happened. The last Harry Potter and Twilight split up into two movies seemes a little unnecessary. Although in  Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, I thought the movie was ending on three separate occasions. The first pseudo ending, I stood up to leave. But wait! There's more. Then there was the 2nd pseudo ending, I stood up again. It kept going, and going, and going. Will this movie ever end?

Please whatever you do, wrap up a movie once, put a nice bow on it and end it. Don't make it into two parts for the money, and certainly don't make three "almost" endings. That is just despicable. They should have left some of that behind on the cutting room floor.

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