Monday, August 22, 2011

The HP Touchpad has Magically Disappeared

Last Friday, something big happened in the tablet PC world. The HP TouchPad reduced its price. The 16 GB went on sale for $99, and the 32 GB version for $149.

Any local stores selling this product sold out. According to this article, there is another batch coming in from the warehouse.

The HP website is supposedly taking names and contact info., so they can contact those who were not fortunate enough to get in on this deal. Only problem - my first two attempts to submit my details came back with a "Server is Busy" reply. You can also register at the HP site.

My third attempt is still processing. No, I am not on dial-up.

1st Update: It appears my third attempt has also been swallowed into the abyss of lost information. My 3 out of 3 attempts to register have failed.

I personally know several people who did get an HP TouchPad. They are dancing in the streets, rejoicing that they did not have to get an Apple product.

Shouldn't the other tablet-makers pay attention to this uproar over the HP Touchpad selling like hotcakes, and reduce their prices?

2nd Update: The HP Touchpad has had such a response, that you are now unable to give your information. The response to clicking the "Notify me" button is this:

Basically, there are no more, so you are now officially out of luck.

Update (8/30/11) HP announced they will manufacture more TouchPads to meet the temporary demand. Awesome! Article link here.

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