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There are plenty of good reasons to read Z.Love's Entertainment Blog.

In case you haven't seem to have figured them out yet, let me give them to you.

1) Unique Content. Z.Love's Entertainment Blog has unique content that you will not find anywhere else.

First of all, Z.Love's Entertainment Blog was the first to uncover that Indiana Jones 4 plot was stolen from a Stargate SG1 episode made years earlier. This is no coincidence. You've got to read this!!! Blog post found here.

Second, some of you may want to argue that the Indiana Jones franchise is better than Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. How do you figure? This blog post puts that silly quarrel to rest with a look at the actual money made for worldwide sales.

2) Fresh Perspective. Z.Love's Entertainment Blog gives you a take on entertainment that you may have not picked up on. For example, Tyler Perry's movie, Alex Cross, forgot to tie up a loose end, and it was uncovered here first.

Or what about the movie, Looper? It takes an improbable scenario involving time travel, but raises a valid question that is worth discussing. If you like thinking deeply,you definitely need to read this blog post.

3) Great TV Episode Recaps. The Duck Dynasty Christmas special was hillarious. In case you missed it, read about it here.

Or when Oliver Queen learns to trust his best friend John Diggle when fighting vigilantes in Green Arrow. That can be read here.

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