Wednesday, August 17, 2011

3 Things That are Free for Some, Yet Expensive to Others

1. U.S. Healthcare - Have you ever heard of the saying: If you thought healthcare is expensive now, just wait until it is free.
Guess what? That applies here.
While the current Prez is on his re-election tour in the Midwest, the price of healthcare (and unemployment rates) continue to rise.

The unconstitutional healthcare bill that was pushed through by the Democrats en masse has actually increased the price of healthcare for many. And pointed out in his latest town hall meetings, it not offend the Prez if you want to call it 'Obamacare', which can be read here.

If you don't believe me - pay attention to your deductible and premiums now compared to last year. The price of healthcare has gone up all over the board. My last family physician (as of 2 years ago) saw the writing on the wall and switched over to a MD VIP system that will gladly accept the first 600 patients that are willing to pay $2,000 up front, then the cost of your visit which has a deductible.
But, if you are covered by the Gov't, your healthcare is free...
...and don't forget to sign in, because the current waiting list for your heart transplant is three years. This is a reality in the UK and other places where healthcare is provided to all citizens after being taken out in taxes.

2. Fees - We took a family vacation this summer, and I didn't even realize that I would have to pay for my checked bags. I assumed that this was covered in the price of my tickets. Well, it was not. $50 dollars to check bags flying there, and $50 extra for our bags to fly back. This is just annoying and adds to the price of traveling.
But I can say that I had a 7% savings over the lowest priced airfare by using Priceline. Thank you, Price Negotiator!

But, as advertised in Delta's in flight magazine, had I used my American Express Delta Skymiles credit card, my first checked bag is free. I wonder how many people actually have this credit card and use it.

The same can be said about ATM fees. Depending on your bank, all ATM fees can be waived or else you will have to pay $1.75 or more to use just any non-branch ATM.

Had I flown Southwest, I would not have paid fees for my checked bags. Too bad I don't live in the Southwest. Yet I have a feeling that the ticket price would have been higher to begin with.

3. Free-to-Play Video Games - The new trend for video games happens to be free-to-play. If you want to unlock premium items or levels, you will have to pay extra.
Example: If you pay $20 right now, we'll start you on level 20.

I think the game makers know that the user will want to experience the same 'fun' that the other guy in that cool getup is experiencing, forcing us to pay extra for those great customizations. They are banking that as a human, we want to be independant and will not want to use a generic fomat. That way we can stand out in the crowd, and get recognized.

Not so sure that I am a fan of this new trend. Then again, I'm not hooked on Farmville or Mafia Wars on Facebook, either.

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